About Us

Green Mountain Firewood Company was born from a love of a great fire.

Our founders have generations of experience in the wood business, and have been working for decades to refine the process of manufacturing 100% wood fire logs and briquettes that can be used for home heating in wood stoves, wood furnaces, and fireplaces, and also for leisure purposes in fire pits and grills.

At Green Mountain Firewood Company, our fiber is harvested from sustainable forests and recycled from sawmills.  We are working to create recycling solutions for the agriculture and forestry industries from Maine to Florida, and even out West to Colorado.  By helping to coordinate this effort, we bring you the very best of these regions while supporting these important rural industries.  We believe we have also created a fire line of exceptional natural products.

Our Wood

Green Mountain Firewood logs are made entirely of aromatic sawdust, shavings and wood chips, compressed and extruded into a convenient size.  They are easy to start, burn efficiently and won’t spit or spark.  Our logs are a natural, healthy alternative to the pre-packaged manufactured logs made with petroleum waxes and other harmful additives.

Our state-of-the-art extrusion technology produces ultra-dense, low moisture, exceptionally clean, heat-efficient logs that out-perform any product on the market today.  Our logs produce little to no CO or CO2, do not cause creosote build-up in your fireplace, and leave less than 10% of the ash you would find with other wood or manufactured wax logs.  We have no harmful impact on the air you breathe or the food you cook.

The Cleanest, most efficient,
most advanced fire wood on earth.